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What are some common injuries from defective products?

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2024 | Defective Products

When people purchase products, such as household appliances or children’s toys, they trust that these items are safe to use. However, sometimes defects in these products can lead to injuries.

Understanding the common injuries resulting from defective products is important for protecting people of all ages.

Electrical burns and shocks

Wiring or design flaws in electrical appliances can lead to electrical burns and shocks. These injuries occur when exposed wires or malfunctioning circuits come into contact with the skin. Electrical burns can cause pain, tissue damage and even cardiac arrest in some cases.

Lacerations and cuts

Poorly designed or made products can have sharp edges or defective components that can cause lacerations and cuts. From kitchen knives to power tools, any sharp object can become a hazard if not properly made.

These injuries can range from infected cuts to deep wounds requiring medical attention. Products need to have safety features in place to reduce the risk of such accidents.

Choking and suffocation

Badly constructed children’s products can pose a choking or suffocation hazard. Small parts that break off easily or inadequate warning labels can put children at risk of swallowing or inhaling objects. Also, clothing or bedding with loose strings or straps can lead to accidental strangulation.

Fractures and head injuries

Products such as furniture or sporting equipment can pose a risk of fractures or head injuries if they are defective. Weak materials, unstable structures or lack of safety features can contribute to accidents resulting in broken bones or concussions.

Businesses need to pay close attention to what items they create and sell. People struggling with an injury from a defective product may want to seek fair compensation.