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If you are involved in an environmental law claim in Rhode Island, the attorneys at Kiernan, Plunkett & Redihan, LLP are here to protect your rights and interests. Our firm has been involved in virtually all major contamination sites in Rhode Island. We have defended claims associated with contamination and have represented individuals as well as businesses that have been harmed. We are committed to successfully resolving our clients’ legal matters in the most favorable and cost-effective manner possible.

Protecting Our Business Clients

Maryland businesses must navigate a complex web of state and federal environmental regulations to avoid fines, lawsuits and other costly liabilities. Running afoul of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) and other government agencies is never good for business.

With sound policies and procedures in place, you can protect your business from environmental law claims that could prove devastating for the bottom line. Our environmental law defense practice is geared toward protecting our clients from liability whenever possible, and resolving lawsuits quickly and efficiently when they do arise.

Experienced Trial Advocates

Our lawyers have extensive experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in a broad range of civil claims, including those involving environmental law issues. We always prepare environmental law claims for the possibility of trial, an approach that often helps us secure favorable settlements on behalf of our clients. When the desired result cannot be achieved through negotiation, as seasoned and proven trial lawyers we are prepared for courtroom litigation.

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To discuss your environmental law matter with an experienced lawyer in Providence, please contact our law offices online or by telephone at 401-414-5325.