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Strong Defense Against Personal Injury Claims

A personal injury lawsuit must be met with a strong and proactive defense. At Kiernan, Plunkett & Redihan, LLP, our attorneys have significant experience defending against personal injury claims in Providence, throughout Rhode Island and across Southern New England. In more than 35 years of practice, we have established a reputation as a trusted ally in personal injury defense, insurance defense, insurance law and other key legal areas.

A Versatile Practice Focused On Efficient Results

An insurance company or the client of an insurance company may be taken to court over policy or coverage issues. Our experienced attorneys assist insurance companies and the businesses they represent when legal problems arise. We can assist and advise your company and your client if you are sued for something in your client’s contract. We can help defend against motor vehicle accidents and a broad range of other claims. 

Skilled Insurance Defense Attorneys

Our lawyers work with insurance carriers to provide effective, efficient solutions to claims made against their policyholders arising from a variety of liability claims. Whether defending first or third party coverage claims, we work with our insurance partners to quickly analyze difficult situations and guide our clients to a zealous defense or a favorable settlement, as each claim may warrant.

Insurance Law Solutions

We also counsel individual clients about their rights under policies of insurance. When coverage for defense or indemnity is not forthcoming, or when rights are reserved, we keep watch over our clients’ interests and ensure that they receive all the insurance benefits they are owed.

Discuss Your Legal Needs With An Experienced Insurance Law Attorney

Our Providence attorneys are here to protect your rights and interests in personal injury defense, insurance defense and insurance law matters. To arrange your initial consultation, contact our law offices online or by telephone at 401-414-5325.