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Avoiding a recreational vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2022 | Vehicle Accidents

Many people enjoy recreational vehicles because they allow them to travel freely without having to pay for a hotel. In addition, many RVs contain kitchens, which can help travelers cut down on the costs of eating meals out while on the road. However, since RVs are very large, they can be more difficult to drive than regular-sized cars and trucks.

Vehicle accidents put a damper on any road trip. Here are some ways to avoid an RV accident while driving through the coastal towns of Rhode Island.

Go slow

Remember that due to their inertia, larger vehicles take more time to come to a complete stop than smaller ones. Going slow helps the RV driver avoid hitting a bicycle, pedestrian, or vehicle in front of them. Adjust the speed to road conditions, weather, and night driving as well.

Adjust the mirrors

Because they deal with more blind spots, drivers of longer vehicles such as RVs depend on their mirrors even more than those driving cars and trucks. Operators should take the time to adjust all of their mirrors before heading down the road.

Get used to the RV

If possible, practice driving the RV on a road that does not contain much traffic before trying city or interstate driving. This helps accommodate drivers to how the RV handles, which makes them safer drivers.

Knowing how to avoid an accident in an RV allows drivers to stay safe and not cause injuries to themselves, their passengers, or others on the road.